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Woodridge Association Map of Eligible Properties

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The Woodridge Association is a private Association in West Hartford and Farmington on Wood Pond and Woodridge Lake. 


There is a process for any homes that are eligible to join the Association that involves filling out a simple application form and submitting the necessary payments.  Membership enables the homeowners to use the Association’s water bodies (the lake and pond), its common spaces such as the beach at the end of Waterside Lane and to attend Association events.


Active members (i.e. those whose annual dues have been paid) are invited to participate in the annual social events sponsored by the Association including the cocktail party (June), beach party for children (summer), picnic dinner & bonfire (September), holiday party (December), as well as summertime activities such as sailboat races and movie nights at the beach.  Responsibilities of membership include following best practices to maintain water quality, especially when undertaking renovations or construction, paying the annual dues and any other financial obligations and observing the rules and by-laws of the Association.  


Please understand that use of the water bodies is a privilege of membership (the water bodies are owned by the Association) and these details need to be communicated to any potential buyer.  In addition, the Association has produced documents that outline best practices regarding renovation and construction and owning a home on our water bodies.  If there are any questions or if you wish to review these documents or Association by-laws and rules, please contact the Board president using the "Contact Us" page. 


When an eligible property sells, we ask for your assistance by contacting us so that a member of the Association can contact the new owners to welcome them to the neighborhood and explain the Association membership opportunity.


Thank you - The Woodridge Association 

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Association Highlights & Details

  • A private lake community located in West Hartford and Farmington, CT.
  • The Association is made up of 180 eligible properties located on and around Woodridge Lake and Wood Pond. 
  • Use of Association property, including the lake and pond, is limited to active members.
  • New members are required to fill out a brief application, pay an initiation fee, and being paying annual dues.  
  • A member who rents their property is required to continue paying annual dues and must fill out paperwork for Association Board approval in order for the renters to have access to the lake/pond and Association common areas.

Please click the image on the right for a PDF version of this information.

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